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What happens if your vacancy posts spam?

When you start hiring freelancers, sometimes you get too many applicants and it becomes time consuming to go through each cover letter. Often, applicants simply copy and paste the generic cover letter in the hope that, of the many programs they apply to, someone will hire them. Usually, these applicants don’t even read the program description because they want to apply for the maximum number of jobs in the shortest amount of time.

Strategies for Filtering Incompetent Applicants

Would you really hire someone who doesn’t even know what your job asks of them? I do not think so. So to filter out these people, ask them to write a unique word in their cover letter. For example, you can ask them to write “quack” throughout the cover letter. You may be surprised to learn that many cover letters don’t have this word in their content. Some people may read your request and still not write that word in their cover letter. These are really incompetent candidates because even after reading your requirements they still won’t do it. You want to avoid such people at all costs.

Don’t make low bids the only criterion

There is a good chance that you will consider an applicant asking for a very low salary, and you will probably want to hire that person, but making money is not the only criterion for selecting candidates. Such a person may not be able to do your job properly and you should hire someone else. You will most likely become frustrated and have to go through the hiring process again to find someone who is truly competent for your job.

Present yourself as a trusted employer

Always remember these 3 tips before posting your project: Create a professional profile for your company or yourself, clearly describe your requirements and verify your credit card so that you look like a legit employer and attract high-quality applicants.

It is better to hire the best person for your job the first time, rather than trying multiple applicants who may not get the job right.